Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Personal Relationship with the Department of Motor Vehicles

My journey started on November 7th when I went unconscious at the wheel while driving Malia to cheer. The end result was that Malia and I walked away without a scratch while totalling Chris's car! I was treated for exhaustion, dehydration and sleep deprivation. The previous 3 weeks were spent fearing for the impending death of my grandmother... Malia's hospitalization... and a flare up of Chris's disease. I was needless to say not eating drinking or sleeping in the 3 days prior to the accident. YES! I have since learned to take better care of myself. If I'm not healthy than I clearly cannot take care of my family.
I want to personally thank Firefighter Jason ;) for taking such good care of me! I would like to thank him in person but Chris said that might be inappropriate... fair enough, probably would be! hahahahha

The ER doctor, we will call him doctor "I need an Enema" was not as kind as Firefighter Jason. He treated me as though I was a common DUI criminal.. his words were "I'm sorry for the attitude but I'm an ER doctor and a cynic" He was NOT nice at all... That is until he got my toxicology report showing that I was free of anything bad! Maybe he should have treated me like I was innocent until guilty. This ER SUCKS! I wont name the hospital but it has "Mercy" on the end and is Located in the town of Folsom and resides on Creek side :-0. But I will not be naming the facility! Not even if you beg because that would just be classless.

Dr. "I need an Enema" said that I shouldn't drive again till I get cleared by my regular practitioner. The following day my Beautiful friend Jen drove me to see her. She felt strongly that my episode was a direct result of my resent circumstances and signed off on me driving...

My next big issue was to replace Chris's "totalled" car. I have to say that he wasn't all that upset about it. BUT I WAS! I was having to deal with the guilt that I hit a tree and came within inches of hitting a light pole on Malia's side of the car when I spun a 360 during my blackout (according to eye witnesses). All this while my grandmother was dying. NOT a happy time for me. But Thomas' PREVAIL! LOL

On December 1st I received a letter from the DMV stating that my license would be suspended on December 3rd!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I was able to get a hearing where I would plead my case and happily walk out holding my license high and proud! SO NOT THE CASE. I plead my case under oath and was told to take care of a hand full of items and I would then, and only then have my privilege to drive. 1st this lady at my hearing was actually really nice. She was only doing her job and if I were her I would be depressed. I sobbed like a little baby begging her to give me some kind of extension.. "Mame I have 3 kids and one is disabled, I work 45 minutes from my home, I carpool kids to school! you cant do this to me! you just cant!" she shared a few tears with me... We both had to pull ourselves together... As I walked out to Chris who was waiting in the lobby I crumbled in his arms. I have never felt so helpless and defeated in my life. Don't get me wrong... I know this isn't the end of the world but I HAVE HAD A LOT of shit passed to me in the last 13 years and I don't need anymore!

OK Pull my boot straps up all I needed was another letter from my doctor, and EEG and a letter from a neurologist and then within 24 hours of that getting to the DMV I would get a verbal thumbs up to drive! "OK Yvonne, you can do this" but not with out the help of friends and family... I have had an overwhelming amount of help and 2 weeks later I'm feeling like maybe it wasn't so bad. My EEG was yesterday! I was beside myself so freaking excited to go get it... get the "its normal" and letter from the neurologist so I could get a call this morning that my suspension was LIFTED!!! YAAA HOOOO!

Well... I'm a Thomas. :(  I sat in the neurologist office yesterday doing my usual, harassing Chris. Giving him nipple twisters as I anxiously awaited my Horrible hair piece wearing doctor that obviously hails from a foriegn land. He walks in with a smile grabs my hand and gently tells me that my EEG was abnormal... "WHAT?!" no really I said "Your Fu*^ing kidding me RIGHT?!" he wasn't... I burst out into tears not knowing, whats wrong with my brain (other than the obvious) Will I ever drive again?  How will I ever drive on a field trip? Surprise my husband for lunch? Drive to see my sister just for fun?

I faxed his letter to the DMV and sit by the phone as I write this. My hands are not my own.
My fate... in the hands of the DMV... I'm broken. I'm scared. I'm Helpless.